Scenes from last year’s event

Zumba T 022

Last April, the Young Auditorium Zumbathon® event raised over $900 for the Horizons Arts4All program, thanks to several enthusiastic participants, generous donations and in-kind sponsorships from local businesses for the event. We are so thankful! We were able to send several students to one of our Horizons School Matinee Series shows because of everyone’s commitment and belief in our program.

Arts4All is a program developed to provide disadvantaged and at-risk students with the opportunity to attend multiple live theatre, dance events, and concerts throughout the school year. Studies show that when students participate in the arts, they benefit both academically and socially. Participation in the arts also contributes to an individual’s overall health and well-being.

A school is eligible to participate in this program if 35 percent or more of the student body participates in the federal free and reduced lunch program. Proof of eligibility is provided in the form of documentation from the district or a signed letter from the school principal stating the total number of enrolled students and the number of students who are eligible for the free and reduced lunch program.

“The arts nurture a motivation to learn by emphasizing active engagement, disciplined and sustained attention, persistence and risk taking, among other competencies. Participation in the arts also is an important strategy for engaging and motivating students at risk of dropping out of high school and for those with special needs.” (NASAA)

Zumba T 023